Working to Pay It Forward

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R.C. Murphy Junior High School student Alexa Moore has been a driving force behind spreading awareness and fundraising to support childhood cancer research, a drive that has been extremely personal for her over the last 11 years.

Alexa attended and volunteered at her first event as an honored child back in 2008, when she donated her purple piggy bank that contained almost $200 to help support the cause. It was from that day forward that Alexa realized how important this cause was not only to her, but to all those fighting pediatric cancer.

Alexa has become an activist, raising awareness and helping others who have had similar battles. She is a cancer survivor of almost 11 years, having been diagnosed with clear cell sarcoma of the kidney – a very rare cancer. Alexa has been a guest speaker to peers her own age at several other St. Baldrick’s events and this year was the driving force behind bringing the event to her school.

While managing to maintain straight As and stay an active member of the school and community, Alexa took on the challenge of running St. Baldrick’s on her own. Under the guidance of Mr. Gries, Alexa began her fundraising efforts by spreading the word on social media and making posters with her friend Zach to advertise around the school. She became a team captain and many of her peers joined her in the effort to raise money for their first St. Baldrick’s event. Together they raised $10,630, and the entire event brought in $12,406 for the St. Baldrick’s Foundation.