Ward Melville High School will be hosting Three Village Industry Advisory Board (3V-IAB) members, Dina Isola and Hope Kinney, who will be providing students with a crash course on making wise financial decisions starting NOW! Relevant topics such as savings, credit and managing college loans will be covered. Learn how Warren Buffet started his empire at age 11 taking advantage of one simple concept. This will be a fun and engaging experience for all with a Kahoot! challenge and prizes each period!

"Money Talks" will be held in the LGI periods 4-9 on Monday, April 15th for students to attend as an in-school field trip. Economics classes and seniors get priority as seating is limited. To sign up, students should see Ms. Chesney or Ms. Littman by April 11th. Don't miss out on this opportunity, it could change your life!