Lessons With a Visiting Scientist at Gelinas

Lessons With a Visiting Scientist at Gelinas photo thumbnail114181
Continuing with the school’s “Lunch with a Scientist” series, P.J. Gelinas Junior High School seventh-graders recently welcomed visiting scientist Dr. Vatsal Bhatt, senior energy policy adviser at Brookhaven National Laboratory and director for cities and communities at the U.S. Green Building Council. 

The talk was based around Dr. Bhatt’s career of research in the fields of energy usage and impacts on climate change. He touched upon how he has helped to develop and implement energy, water and climate change systems modelling for long-term national, regional and urban analysis. This included an evaluation of how the energy policies were developed between the United States, India and China from 2007-2014 to examine energy usage and climate change. 

The experience enhanced the understanding of these topics for the seventh-grade Gelinas scientists, as they walked away with a better understanding of what they individually can do to reduce energy consumption in their daily life and in buildings and communities around them. This understanding will help the students in future coursework and decision-making with respect to energy usage.