Murphy Celebrates P.S. I Love You Day

Murphy Celebrates P.S. I Love You Day photo

The color purple blanketed R.C. Murphy Junior High School as the students and staff celebrated this year’s P.S. I Love You Day.

The effort, which was organized by the PBIS committee and spearheaded by guidance counselor Amy Poulos, aimed to inspire individuals to stand up for kindness, cultural respect and being better to each other. Students and staff not only wore purple – the official color associated with the initiative – but also received a purple bracelet inscribed with the words “Be Proud of Who You Are.” 

Paper hearts with powerful and inspirational quotes were left on each student’s locker, and teachers decorated paper hearts saying why they are proud to be part of the Murphy community. Additionally, students had the chance to snap a commemorative photo in a photo booth set up in the cafeteria during lunch periods and sign a poster celebrating differences, kindness, community and pride.