Spreading Kindness Around Minnesauke

Spreading Kindness Around Minnesauke photo

Kindness was sprinkled like confetti throughout Minnesauke Elementary School as students, staff and families took part in the Great Kindness Challenge this winter.

The initiative commenced with a schoolwide assembly, where the students learned about the different activities planned for the week and enjoyed a kindness fashion show. 

During the weeklong Great Kindness Challenge, students took part in a variety of kindness activities and lessons in their classrooms. A “kindness station” was set up in the cafeteria, where students wrote thank-you cards and positive affirmations, which were then hung on a bulletin board that said, “Give what you can” and “Take what you need.” 

Additionally, students donated spare change to help build a health clinic in Liberia and wore spirited outfits on choreographed days, including on Sports Day with the theme, “Everybody wins with kindness” and superhero T-shirts on a day with the theme “Kindness is a superpower.” The students also received a special guest visit from the members of the Stony Brook University football team, who cheered on the students during dismissal.