A Storm Is Brewing in Nassakeag Science Lab

A Storm Is Brewing in Nassakeag Science Lab photo

A storm of learning was brewing in the Nassakeag Elementary School science lab as fourth-graders in Kathryn Comiskey’s class took part in a lesson on weathering, erosion and deposition centered around the new New York State Science Learning Standards.

After watching a short video about phenomenon and the effects of weathering, the students were challenged to figure out how rocks break down. Using different materials, they created an experiment to show physical weathering or chemical weathering. Each group created a lab report for their experiment.  

After that lab, they created centers that focused on showing erosion and deposition. The centers were wave power, river power, rain, wind and strong wind.  

The students worked on the projects with the assistance of their teacher, science consultant Dave Mutter and teacher assistants Toni Conlon and Genine Connerton.