Busy Bags Bring Big Smiles

Busy Bags Bring Big Smiles photo

Setauket Elementary School students are working to brighten the lives of those staying at or visiting Stony Brook Childrens Hospital, thanks to an initiative created by fifth-grader Aida Woreth and third-grader Maddox Woreth, and coordinated by the students’ mom Jessica and by second-grade teacher Sandi Vohrer.

The concept, which is called Busy Bags, is involving the entire school this year, as each grade level is selecting a particular month to help create these special treats. The bags are filled with toys, trinkets and other goodies purchased through the donations of family and friends. The idea is to provide little ones with something to enjoy, do or play with when in a setting that can often elicit less than happy feelings. 

The initiative began in the fall and will continue through the summer, as the staff will be participating in a bag project at the end of the school year to ensure that enough bags are available when school is off for summer vacation. The building’s student council also helped donate to the cause, creating bags specific to baby or toddler-aged patients.