Minnesauke Sixth-Graders’ Gift to Furry Friends

Minnesauke Sixth-Graders’ Gift to Furry Friends photo
Minnesauke Elementary School sixth-graders from Patricia Woods’ class lent a helping hand to some furry friends this holiday season. 

The students rolled up their sleeves and baked over 200 biscuits for the Little Shelter Animal Rescue and Adoption Center. As a follow-up to their effort, Maryellen Moll from the organization recently visited the class with a dachshund named Sarina that is waiting to be placed in a “forever home.”  

During the visit, Ms. Moll spoke with the students about humane education, volunteerism and pet care. The students enthusiastically welcomed the pair to the class and were eager to learn about the work of the shelter, before presenting the visitors with a few extra supplies and donations they collected.