Buddying Up at Mount

Buddying Up at Mount photo
Due to a generous donation by local Girl Scout Troop 639, W.S. Mount Elementary School students now have a common place to expand their social circles and find new friends. 

A buddy bench, which is a place for students to sit during recess when looking for a friend to play with, was gifted to the school thanks to the talented troop members. The idea behind the bench is that it helps to eliminate loneliness and foster friendships on the playground. 

The local troop members not only built the structure, but sanded and painted it, making it picture perfect for their peers. Special thanks to the following students and troop leaders for their generous donation: 

Lauren Accardi
Gianna Alessio 
Samantha McGarrity
Julia McGee
Isabella Parente
Olivia Reyes
Kate Rodriguez
Samantha Shaw
Ashley Walters
Kate Woods
Leaders – Jennifer Alessio, Jaqueline Parente, Joann Waters