Studying the Circulatory System

Studying the Circulatory System photo

Nassakeag and Minnesauke elementary school fifth-grade students have been learning about the circulatory system as part of a recent health education unit of study.

With the guidance of their health teacher, Kerry Diana, the students explored the circulatory system through their senses during health class. Visually they experienced the look of the heart muscle and its chambers using an actual calf heart, while also seeing the movement of their pulse with student-created marshmallow pulse meters. Through sound they listened to the lub-dub of their own heart using Littman stethoscopes and heard the sound of a partner’s lungs inhaling the oxygen that will get supplied to the blood for circulation.  

In addition, the students learned how to feel both their radial and carotid pulse points and were challenged to observe and assess the changes in their pulse rate during different levels of activity.