Murphy Students Earn Honorable Mentions

Murphy Students Earn Honorable Mentions photo
Six teams from R.C. Murphy Junior High School’s science research program have received honorable mentions in the Toshiba and National Science Teachers Association-sponsored ExploraVision competition. 

For the contest, students were asked to image a technology 20 years in the future and use the scientific process to research and develop their inventions. Overviews of the Murphy honorable mention projects are below: 

Biodegradable Virus Eradication Nanites: Team Members: Rishika Cherivirala, Alana John and Mahima Karanth. This group proposed the usage of nanotechnology to eradicate viruses from the body. The nanobots would break down and be eliminated from the body.

Bionic Pancreas: Team Members: Gabrielle Coupe, Lexi Katsaros and Justin Santana. The pancreas would be replaced by a 3D-printed synthetic one that will pump insulin and help regulate the blood sugar for those with diabetes.

Caule Cellam Auxilium: Synthetic Stem Cells: Team Members: John Coupe, Noelle Foster and Holly Hessner-Schnittman. This group proposed the creation of semi-synthetic stem cells to help eradicate disease.

Eco-Booster: Team Members: Aron Burstzyn, Matthew Dillon, Aditya Seetharaman and Ari Zucker. The Eco-Booster was conceptualized to reduce the amount of CO2 entering the air by cars. It is a filter that attaches to the tail pipe and then takes the CO2 and converts it to electricity that in turn powers the filter.

Fire Annihilator: Team Members: Alexa Calvansese, Olivia Drury, Sally Gliganic and Catherine Ma. A drone that could one day potentially save the lives of firefighters that die putting out fire in dry states like California. It is a small drone that puts out fires using low frequency sound waves as opposed to chemicals and water.

Sulfur Dioxide Smoke Stack Filter: Team Members: Julia Lingenfelter, Sofia Mulligan and Rachel Zhang. Sulfur dioxide is one of the largest components of acid rain. This group proposed creating and using a filter that would remove sulfur dioxide from factory emissions, which would decrease pollution and acid rain.