Minnesauke’s Mural With Meaning

Minnesauke’s Mural With Meaning photo
As the result of a grade-level project, a colorful mural depicting sea life and a picturesque shoreline now covers a large tapestry in the sixth-grade hallway at Minnesauke Elementary School. 

“This year, for our annual sixth-grade art project I wanted to teach my students about the importance of conserving our natural water resources and the negative effect that plastic is having on our environment,” said art teacher Christine Sacco. “We researched and studied the Long Island Sound and the different habitats that make up the Sound and then each student created a composition using one of those habitats.” 

The students’ exquisite pieces focused on such things as a single animal, plants and landscapes containing many details of plants, animals, sunsets and dunes. Once the individual projects were complete, Ms. Sacco worked with the students to combine all 97 unique compositions into one collaborative mural. 

Each sixth-grade student added something from their original art work to create a “Long Island Sound Mural.”