Ward Melville Virtual Enterprise CEO Goes Global!

Ward Melville Virtual Enterprise CEO Goes Global photo
Niki Friedwald, the CEO of the Virtual Enterprise International class at the Ward Melville High School, was accepted into a prestigious two-week summer program at Hult International School of Business in London. She was one of only 20 students selected from around the world who will participate in Hult’s Business Challenge with a real multinational firm.  

Her selection was based on the multitude of business classes she has taken at Ward Melville, her role as CEO in a Virtual Enterprise class, the real-world business experience that she has acquired since she was a young child in her father’s business, her own personal business ventures and her leadership potential.  

During this international program students will be immersed in an actual case challenge involving a multinational company such as Dove or Ford, which have been partners in the past. The first week is geared toward students gaining new knowledge through interactive workshops and lectures with Hult’s undergraduate professors on everything from global marketing to finance. The second week in London will enable Niki to further develop her leadership skills and put what she has learned into practice.
The attending students will be split into teams to collaborate on a fun and very competitive Pre-University Business Challenge. Niki and her team will be asked by a real multinational client to solve a pressing business issue, and the students will be given the framework and support needed to develop and pitch their own creative solution.