Minnesauke Unplugs to Connect

Minnesauke Unplugs to Connect photo

Minnesauke Elementary School students and staff are taking part in an unplugged challenge this April – an initiative designed to reduce digital media usage and increase time connecting with themselves, family and friends.

The weeklong program – which was based on a national movement – focused on teaching students about alternative activities to promote health lifestyles. Activities were designed by a building-level committee and were introduced during students’ health, library and physical education lessons. Additionally, students took part in a seven-day art challenge, were invited to an evening event at a local Sky Zone trampoline park and were encouraged to create a family contract setting acceptable parameters for digital usage. 

“I feel that there is a real need to address the topic of the overuse of digital media by children, especially as many are spending more and more time plugged in and less time connecting with people and experiencing the world around them in a healthy way,” said physical education teacher and initiative coordinator Danielle Cumings. “The committee worked hard to provide meaningful lessons and activities to increase awareness of this topic and to encourage families to become involved and take action by setting parameters for acceptable digital usage.”

Teachers and staff members helped to promote the initiative by signing posters explaining how they like to unplug. The completed posters were displayed throughout the building.