Honors for Three Village Writers

Honors for Three Village Writers photo
A record number of Three Village Central School District students have been recognized by the Scholastic Writing Awards Program and earned top honors in the competition.

This program, with alumni like Truman Capote, Steven King and Joyce Carol Oates,  identifies teenagers with exceptional literary talent and brings their remarkable work to a national audience. Only the top 2-15 percent of the 250,000 entries are recognized. 

The Gold Key regional winners will now go on to the national competition. National medalists will be announced in March.
R.C. Murphy Junior High School Honorees:

Shahzadi Adeena, Gold Key – Poetry: “A Spectrum of Blue”
Rebecca Blumenthal, Gold Key – Poetry: “Maya Angelou: A Caged Bird Set Free”
Alana John, Gold Key – Poetry: “Words of the Refuse”
Sofia Mulligan, Gold Key – Short Story: “Der Alpen”
Claire Yang, Gold Key – Flash Fiction: “Peach”

Claire Yang, Silver Key – Poetry: “Grass Stains” and “Dark Thoughts”
Claire Yang, Silver Key – Short Story: “Splinters”
Lillian Zhi, Silver Key – Flash Fiction: “Scarred”

Rebecca Blumenthal, Honorable Mention – Science Fiction and Fantasy: “One Percent”
Matthew Chen, Honorable Mention – Poetry: “A Midnight Occurrence”
Carolyn Liu, Honorable Mention – Poetry: “Dreams”
Shahzadi Adeena, Honorable Mention – Poetry: “A Theft of Stature,” “To Those Who Swim With Their Eyes Closed,” “A Translucent Thought,” and “The Ambiguous Thief”

P.J. Gelinas Junior High School Honorees:

Peter Sloniewsky – Silver Key: Short Story “Slacker”
Jacqueline Wu – Silver Key: Poetry “Winter” and Short Story “Family Feud”

Ward Melville High School Honorees:
Meredith Bushman, Silver Key – Flash Fiction: “Sister”
Rebecca Holt, Honorable Mention – Short Story: “The Lethality of Routine”
Emily Huang, Honorable Mention – Poetry: “Ante Meridiem”
Jonathan Huang, Honorable Mention – Poetry: “Election Invocation”
Noor Kamal, Silver Key – Flash Fiction: “What Ali Carries”
Niki Nassiri, Honorable Mention – Critical Essay: “Iran and Us”; Honorable Mention – Writing Portfolio: “Definition of Me” and Silver Key – Personal Essay and Memoir: “Writer’s Reality”
Jeanette Orlando, Gold Key – Flash Fiction: “Oliver”; Honorable Mention – Personal Essay and Memoir: “The Inn” and Honorable Mention – Short Story: “Summit with a Stranger”
Arianna Parkhideh, Gold Key – Poetry: “Poets” and Gold Key – Poetry: “Museum”
Anushka Rajagopalan, Honorable Mention – Short Story: “Lost on a Straight Path”
Odeya Rosenband, Gold Key – Personal Essay and Memoir: “Ovaries and Gasoline”
Andi Sauer, Gold Key – Flash Fiction: “Dad”; Honorable Mention – Short Story “Cigarettes”; Honorable Mention – Writing Portfolio: “Words, or a Lack Thereof”
Janet Song, Gold Key – Personal Essay and Memoir: “Page 194”; Honorable Mention – Flash Fiction: “Lie”; Honorable Mention – Humor: “Bull”; Silver Key – Personal Essay and Memoir: “Wedding Cake”
Sofia Stremlin-Adams, Honorable Mention – Poetry: “To Fare Tim”
Elizabeth Wang, Gold Key – Poetry: “Las Estaciones”; Silver Key – Poetry: “All is Fine”
Amy Xie, Silver Key – Personal Essay and Memoir: “As the Desert Cries”
Katie Zhao, Gold Key – Poetry: “The Children I Know”; Gold Key – Short Story: “Miracle”; Silver Key – Flash Fiction: “Right” 
Alana Abesamis, Silver Key: “Self Portrait”
Giorgio Citarella, Gold Key: “Breathless Film”
Komal Grewal, Gold Key: “Mason Jar”; Gold Key: “Colored Still Life”; Honorable Mention: “Colored Still Life”; Honorable Mention: “Self Portrait”; Honorable Mention: “Wedding Dress”
Cortney Heaney, Gold Key: “Water Refraction”; Silver Key: “Double Exposure”
Astrid Vardanyan, Gold Key: “Morning Routine”; Honorable Mention: “Girl Tying Shoe”
Ally Wertheim, Silver Key: “Typography”
Cleo Watson
, Silver Key: “Growth Digital Piece”; Silver Key: “Dead End”