Gelinas Wins Sci-O Invitational

Gelinas Wins Sci-O Invitational photo thumbnail87747

Paul J. Gelinas Junior High School’s Science Olympiad team earned a first-place win at the Cornell University Invitational this winter.

During the event, the students competed against several nationally ranked teams, including Piedmont, North Carolina, and the team’s friendly rivals from Eagle Hill, New York. Gelinas students scored one of the best team totals in tournament history. The B-team also performed well, beating most other A-teams. Likewise, the C-team had an impressive performance at the competition.

The Gelinas Science Olympiad team is extremely grateful for those whose support made this program and its success possible, including school and district administrators, coaches, parents, volunteers and program alumni who have helped the students in their scientific pursuits. The team looks forward to continued success at the regional and state tournaments.