Olympics Kick Off at Mount

Olympics Kick Off at Mount photo

On the brink of the 2018 Olympic Games in PyeongChang, South Korea, W.S. Mount Elementary fifth- and sixth-graders teamed up to compete in their own games and go head to head to complete eight different STEM-based learning challenges.

During the school’s first STEM Olympics, students participated in several activities including designing and building load-bearing towers to suspend containers using a limited number of materials; creating foil boats to hold the greatest number of bears without sinking; and constructing a skier out of aluminum foil with Popsicle skis in order to “ski” down a mountain the fastest. 

Additionally, they made pom-pom blasters to launch pom-poms a distance of at least 2 feet, constructed ramp systems to launch a marble skier the fastest, build towers measuring at least 24 inches tall using only 100 index cards and 12 inches of tape, programmed miniature robots, and formed origami frogs using different types and sizes of paper and tested to see which jumps the furthest.

The games concluded with a closing ceremony, during which the top three teams with the highest success rate in each given event were honored.