Upon a recent review of the printed calendar, the district discovered a discrepancy in the language with regard to the use of emergency snow days – specifically, between the notice found on page 30 and the note listed on March 28. The language that appears on March 28 is correct: school will be open that day if more than three emergency school closings occur. The language on page 30 is inaccurate, as it states that school will be open on March 28 if three (or more) emergency school closings occur. 
To further clarify this, please take note of the following:
Because the district has enacted three emergency school closings to date, school will now be in session on May 25 and May 29.
Should a fourth weather-related/emergency closing be needed, school will be in session on March 28. If a fourth closing is not needed, schools will remain closed on this date.
Thank you in advance for your cooperation.