Creating Winter Memories

Creating Winter Memories photo

Arrowhead Elementary School students in Renee Rust’s class have been exploring winter themes throughout the month of January, discussing such things as snow and how to dress for the winter.

As part of this lesson, the students worked collaboratively to construct a beautiful snowman for the school’s main lobby using a plethora of recycled and reused materials.

From using different-sized balloons to make the head, belly and bottom of the snowman to using paper towels, glue and water to make the papier-mâché mixture, the students’ creation quickly took shape. Once constructed, the class painted the snowman and added different embellishments to complete the display, including using coffee filters to create snowflakes and bedazzled buttons for eyes, and added a hat.

The students further studied the topic by reading several stories, including “How’s the Weather?” “I Love Snow!” and “The Mitten.”