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As a special tribute to her grandmother and the bond shared among her family, Ward Melville High School special education teacher Virginia McCaffrey has authored and published the first in what she hopes to be a series of children’s books.

The book, “Chased by a Bear,” was inspired by the stories her grandmother would tell during family sleepovers.

“The nights always seemed to end with all five of us [my brother, cousins and I] huddled in the guest bedroom listening to my grandmother’s bedtime stories,” Ms. McCaffrey said. “As adults, we’ve all agreed that it felt like every story involved a bear chasing us in the woods. At the beginning, the intention was to just write a bedtime story involving her, never really considering that it could be a published book!”
The book, which is available for purchase on Amazon, is the first in what Ms. McCaffrey hopes will be a series of “Nancy Bedtime Stories.” She did not share her dream with her family until this first book was published and she had presented a copy to her relatives, including her grandfather, as a gift.  

“To say they were excited and shocked is an understatement,” she said. “The whole family enjoyed reading it, and of course, everyone has their opinions of what should happen in upcoming books!”