Alumni Return and Share Advice

Alumni Return and Share Advice photo

Ward Melville High School upperclassman had the chance to learn about the college experience of recent alumni during an annual event coordinated by the school’s guidance department.

Alumni Day brought back dozens of recent graduates, who are currently attending such institutions of higher education as Princeton, University at Buffalo, University of Hawaii and University of Maine. During the event, the alumni participated in panel discussions and visited individual classrooms, sharing information about their chosen school and experiences, either living away from home or commuting to college. They discussed how they selected their school, the roommate experience, how to balance coursework and a social life and what activities they take part in at school. 

“My perspective on how well Ward Melville prepared me for the college experience continued to grow since graduating,” said Dylan Weber, a senior at Binghamton University and future law school student. “One of the best pieces of advice I could give to the current classes is to not only think about the program the school has to offer, but the financial aspect of attending.”