Lessons on Blogging

Lessons on Blogging photo

Setauket Elementary School fourth-grade students in Eric Gustafson’s class are strengthening their writing skills as they step inside the world of online journalism and complete creative writing entries for a class blog.

Set up in a secure Google Classroom site, the students are writing about their favorite things, holiday gift ideas and much more. Additionally, they are engaging with their peers in meaningful dialogue about the subjects shared. 

The project is designed to be a fun outlet for individual expression as well as provide students with the opportunity to build their use of the language. While the students are writing for enjoyment, Mr. Gustafson continues to reinforce in them the need to back up their statements with evidence and to take care with their grammar and sentence structure. 

“I really like how the blog allows us to talk to our classmates and share experiences in order to get to know each other better,” said fourth-grader Samuel Siegal. 

In the future, Mr. Gustafson hopes to expand the blogging project to include video blogs and interactions between the class and their parents.