Making Connections to Ancient Greece

Making Connections to Ancient Greece photo

R.C. Murphy Junior High School’s ninth-grade global history and geography classes recently took a trip back in time. They created projects highlighting the culture of ancient Greece and then studied its effect on today’s modern world.

Working in small groups, the students researched such topics as food, government, theater, art, architecture, myth-religion, philosophy, athletics and many others topics as part of the assignment. Using their research, the students then created poster boards and displays highlighting the connection between the two time periods. and what contributions could be traced back to ancient Greece. For example, one group made comparisons between the ancient Greek Olympics and the competition organized today, while another created a replica of a dinner table from ancient Greece. The table showcased items that were staples in the Greek diet, how it changed over time and how the culture viewed food as beautiful art.

The students from each class had the chance to view their peers’ work as they completed a cultural scavenger hunt, looking for key facts highlighted in the displayed projects and documenting the contributions in a written assignment.