A Look Inside the Film Industry

A Look Inside the Film Industry photo
Ward Melville High School art, graphic design and film students had the chance to learn about the film industry – particularly the Los Angeles sector – when Class of 1991 graduate and current producer Tara Langton conducted a workshop at the school. 

During the in-house program, the students had the chance to view Ms. Langton’s short film “Finding Anissa Jones,” which was accepted into the Stella Adler Academy Short + Sweet Film Festival in Hollywood, and engage in a question and answer session with the independent filmmaker. Ms. Langton explained the path she took to create her film – one for which she was writer, actor and producer – and her passion for the craft. 

“This event was a great eye-opening experience for the students, as they were able to understand the vastness of making a film,” said teacher Stephanie DiLorenzo. “By seeing her film, including the outtakes, the students were able to feel validation for what they are doing in the classroom, and it was good for them to get input on the process from a different voice.”

As a follow-up to the visit, each student was presented with a tip sheet of advice that Ms. Langton’s team of directors compiled, which included things that they wished they knew when first starting in the industry. 

“It was truly helpful to hear from someone in the industry – especially as that someone has the same educational background as each of us,” said junior Jake DePinto. “Knowing how difficult it can be to break through in this industry, her talk was very inspiring and resonated with the importance of never giving up on one’s passion and being a strong advocate for your project.”