Student Affects Positive Change Statewide

Student Affects Positive Change Statewide Photo
The Three Village Central School District proudly commends Ward Melville High School incoming junior Ben Catalfo for his tenacity and unparalleled advocacy for all students in New York State, as his efforts have resulted in the state agreeing to discount a flawed question on this year’s Geometry Regents. Ben, a mathematically talented scholar, uncovered that the response choices for question 24 of this year’s exam did not contain a correct answer and that students were being penalized as a result. After consultation with P.J. Gelinas Junior High School Principal and former Ward Melville High School math chairperson William Bernhard, and with the support of math experts from around the country, Ben advocated on behalf of those students who took this exam and were unjustly scored as a result of this flawed question.

On Tuesday, July 25, the district was notified that the State Education Department has recanted their previous decision to uphold the original scores and that this question would now be rescored to give all students credit. This decision is one that we are exceptionally proud of and believe that Ben’s efforts will positively impact many students throughout New York State.

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