Shining STARS at Minnesauke

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Minnesauke Elementary School’s National Junior Art Honor Society has helped to promote the building’s character education program – STARS – this spring through two colorful projects.

The students, with the help of their advisor and Minnesauke art teacher Christine Sacco, created 700 unique mini artworks in the shape of a star and presented one to each member of the school community on a day they called "Stars for STARS." The stars were created to symbolize how each individual is unique, special and important and everyone wearing them together is a reflection of how they are unified as a community.

As a lasting gift for the sixth-grade, the NJAHS helped to create a STARS theme mural in the style of graffiti artist Keith Haring. The students glazed the tiles that border the large display and helped to paint the main subjects in the mural. Each sixth-grader was then able to add a memory they had from Minnesauke to the mural’s title background.
Minnesauke’s STARS program stands for sharing, trustworthy, accepting, respectful and serving.