Student Earns National Writing Award

Student Earns National Writing Award Photo
R.C. Murphy Junior High School eighth-grader Kaitlyn Tung has won the highest award in the 2017 NCTE Promising Young Writers Program, a Certificate of Recognition.  Only 67 students were selected for this award nationally.  

For this competition, the students had to write a piece based on the theme “Innovators, Visionaries and Rebels: Celebrating Risk-Takers.” The students were invited to choose a book, poem, story, news article, film, website, or something else they read that was innovative, inspiring, or provocative in its content, form, or subject matter. Then they were asked to write about why they chose this text and why/how it was innovative, inspiring, or provocative in important ways.

Kaitlyn chose to read “Animal Farm” because it is a book that “shows its readers what happens to those who cannot think beyond what they are told.” Kaitlyn added, “One of the reasons I decided to choose “Animal Farm” was because it discusses the theme of warped ideals and how rhetoric can be used as an instrument of control,” she said.

Additionally, students Jessica Liao and Valerie Corrente each received Certificates of Participation for having been selected by their teachers to represent Murphy in this national writing competition.