Measuring Up at Minnesauke

Measuring Up at Minnesauke Photo

Minnesauke Elementary School students are putting their math skills to good use this spring as they take part in an interactive measuring project created by math center teacher Paul Wilgenkamp.

Giant wooden rulers have been placed throughout the building and students are using them to learn their heights in meters, centimeters, inches, feet and yards. To kick-start the project, Mr. Wilgenkamp visited each class to speak about the importance of being able to use the customary system and the metric system to measure length. Each Friday, the students who measure a certain height and can answer a fact win a prize.

“Since most of the rest of the world uses the metric system, I want students at Minnesauke to be “bilingual” math measurers,” said Mr. Wilgenkamp. “This project will give them the opportunity to interact with and view the rulers in the hallways daily for developing meaningful mathematics connections.”