Lessons in Journalism

Lessons in Journalism
Lessons in Journalism 2
R.C. Murphy Junior High School eighth-grade students in Cristina Cereola’s English classes have been learning about the field of journalism as part of a recent narrative writing unit of study.
As part of the curriculum, the students learned about responsible journalism and put their lessons into practice by composing individual newscasts on social issue topics in the community.

In addition to their classroom assignment, they also had the opportunity to speak with a professional in the field.

During an in-class workshop, Grant Parpan, the Executive Editor of the Times Review Media Group located in Mattituck, spoke to the students about journalism as a career and how conveying news to the public has changed over time. He showed the students the difference between news that is printed in a newspaper versus those published through electronic media such as websites and social media.

At the end of the workshop, the students shared their own newscasts with Grant and received feedback on their writings.