Pride-Filled Celebration

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Ward Melville High School students and staff took a break from their regular schedules one day in December to focus on important social, emotional and citizenship-themed discussions in recognition of the school’s annual Patriot Pride Day.

The program commenced with inspirational keynote speaker Bobby Petrocelli, who shared his emotional life story and encouraged each member of the audience to live triumphantly and to not let obstacles define their existence. His charismatic personality and warmth left the students and staff feeling empowered to face their personal challenges head-on and to always remember that they matter.

Throughout the remainder of the day, students took part in educational workshops focused on peace, respect, integrity, dependability and encouragement. Among the motivational activities, they learned about creating an inner balance through mindfulness meditation workshops, created paper hearts for peace and worked collaboratively on a breakout challenge that called for them to solve a series of tasks.