Dear Three Village Community, 

Through our vast and robust support programs, the Three Village Central School District is committed to working toward ensuring the heath, safety and security of it students and staff members. Our bully prevention endeavors, character education programs and dedicated faculty regularly focus on promoting unity and inclusion. Furthermore, there is an emphasis on advancing awareness for the diversity that exists in our world today. These proactive efforts are central to our district mission and are matters we regularly review and work to strengthen. 

Late last week, the U.S. Department of Education Secretary John B. King, Jr. announced that educational leaders recently met to explore the ways in which they can further support United States schools' efforts on this very topic. 

As a result of this meeting, the Department of Education has released a new report entitled “Advancing Diversity & Inclusion in Higher Education" and provided a link to a list of resources designed to help ensure that institutions are environments conducive to learning.

While much of this report focuses on higher education, there are a few points that are relevant to K-12 school systems. Those interested in reading the report are encouraged to visit: 

 We encourage our entire school community to continue to respect the opinions and perspectives of others as we work together to assure that every individual feels valued and safe.

 A very happy holiday to all.



Cheryl Pedisich