River Life


P.J. Gelinas Junior High School students conducted authentic research and studied one local waterway this October as part of the annual Day in the Life of the River event.

Three research classes from Gelinas went to different parts of the Nissequogue River watershed, including Stump Pond in Blydenburgh County Park, which is the headwaters of the river, and Short Beach in Saint James, where the mouth of the river enters the Long Island Sound. During their visit, the students collaborated with professional naturalists and conducted a biodiversity study. They collected physical data from the river and surrounding area, including information on currents, tides and weather, performed chemical tests to determine the water quality and created a map of each study area.

All of the data collected by the Gelinas students and other participating school districts will be uploaded to the Portal to Discovery website, and will become a permanent record of this day in the Life of the Nissequogue River.