Pedestrian Safety Project Completed

Through the efforts of the school district and the Town of Brookhaven, a pedestrian safety improvement and resurfacing project on Mud Road, across from Paul J. Gelinas Junior High School, was competed before the start of the school year.

The cost for the project, which included the installation of a retaining wall to allow for new sidewalks and curbing, a drainage system, a crosswalk and electrical signal work, as well as the paving of Mud Road, was funded by the Town.

“Residents in this neighborhood have been requesting additional sidewalks for the last decade,” said Brookhaven Town Highway Superintendent Daniel Losquadro. “I was grateful to be able to bring this project to fruition and create a safer environment for the many students who walk to and from the junior high school, as well as pedestrians in the area.”

Sidewalks were added in front of the school and to the south; on the west side of Mud Road, sidewalks extend from the school to Brandywine Road. In addition to the new crosswalk, a decorative pole with flashing LED lights, activated by a push button, was installed to assist pedestrians crossing Mud Road.

“The health and safety of our students and staff remain a top priority of the school district,” said Superintendent of Schools Cheryl Pedisich. “The district is grateful to the Town of Brookhaven for its work along Mud Road, a highly trafficked street in the community. This project will ensure our students’ safe passage to and from school, as well as enhance the overall walking safety around P. J. Gelinas Junior High School.”

“I share many of the resident concerns about pedestrian safety in this particular area,” said Councilwoman Valerie Cartright. “I am pleased that students and other local residents who walk to Gelinas can now do so without the risks of walking in the street. We look forward to continuing to work with the community to improve pedestrian safety in our Town.”