Preparing for the New School Year


Faculty and staff members came together to commence the 2016-17 school year and participate in a series of professional development programs during this year’s Superintendent’s Conference Day, held in early September.

The program began with a welcome address from Board of Education President William F. Connors Jr. In his message, Mr. Connors reflected on the district’s hallmark 50th anniversary, saying, “As we begin a new year, let us remember that excellence is not a destination, it is a continuous journey that never ends.”
Superintendent of Schools Cheryl Pedisich echoed his sentiments and reflected proudly upon the advancements the district has made over the last 50 years.

“Our success as a district has been a journey filled with innovative ideas…We are fortunate that creativity and ingenuity have always been embraced and encouraged,” she said. “I want each of you to feel empowered to try something new, to embrace your passions and to encourage the same in your students. You may not achieve your goal on the first try, but know that we will support you as you support the students who struggle before they succeed.”

Prior to attending faculty meetings in their respective buildings, the staff attended technology and emergency management training workshops.  

Kerrin Welch-Pollera, executive director of instructional technology, and Laura Pimentel, district data coordinator and assistant director for instructional technology, spoke about data privacy laws and the efforts each employee can make to protect students’ personal information.

Security and Safety Coordinator Jack Blaum spoke about the importance of having situational awareness, the steps to take during an emergency and the district’s new crisis management application. He also offered refreshing information on Safe Schools Against Violence in Education, Dignity for All Students Act and Occupational Safety and Health Administration regulations.