Exploring Careers

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For the fourth- through sixth-graders at Nassakeag Elementary School, the question “What do you want to be when you grow up?” became a little easier to answer following their participation in this year’s Career Day.

The program, which has become a tradition at the school, offered the students the chance to attend two interactive workshop sessions that featured 18 different types of careers. This year’s program included specialties such as neonatal nurse, professional chefs and professions in the areas of STEM, including oral surgery, planetary science and statistics.

As a special component to this year’s program, comedian and actor Rosie O’Donnell also presented two workshops and a follow up assembly with the students. During each of these presentations, Ms. O’Donnell encouraged the students to always follow their dreams, set goals for their futures and build a strong support system – namely comprised of family, friends and trusted teachers.