Cultural Exchange

To help foster a deeper understanding of cultural differences that exist not only worldwide but also within the surrounding community, 30 R.C. Murphy Junior High School eighth-grade students recently participated in a Cultural Exchange program with Longwood Junior High School.

During the two-day event, participants from each school partnered with a fellow eighth-grader and experienced that student’s daily schedule. The group spent the first day visiting Longwood and the second day at R.C. Murphy. Students participated in icebreaker activities to get to know their exchange partners and enjoyed attending classes and eating lunch at the visiting building.
“I really enjoyed this project, I thought it was a great experience,” said Murphy eighth-grader Catherine Kelly. “We are all very similar in many ways and I found it very interesting to get to know the students from Longwood and visit their school. They were very welcoming to us.”
“When visiting, I had the chance to take an Italian class which was a new experience for me as I study Spanish at Murphy,” said Jack Dolan. “I really enjoyed learning about the other language and experiencing a day in their school.”