100 Days


Students and staff throughout the district marked an important milestone this February — the 100th day of school.

To celebrate, primary students at Arrowhead Elementary School performed math and English language arts exercises at activity centers. They counted to 100 in various increments, created pictures using the digits in 100, fashioned hats using 100 items and wrote compositions about the number. They also completed individual projects using 100 of the same item.

Students in grades K-2 at Setauket Elementary School teamed up to collect 100 items per class for local families in need. As a result, they donated well over 1,000 nonperishable food items, toiletries and paper products to the district’s food pantries and the St. James Food Pantry. Connecting the service project to the theme of the day, the grades also sorted the collections by 10s and completed other math and writing projects based on 100.