Messages of Hope

A hush fell over the auditorium at P.J. Gelinas Junior High School as students listened to Warner Reich recall his experiences of living through one of the world’s darkest times, the Holocaust.

Mr. Reich’s message, which focused on standing up for others and always remembering to do the right thing, captivated the audience. He recalled the Nazi movement, its influence throughout Europe and his own escape from Germany before being captured and placed in one of the concentration camps.

Equating the passive behavior toward what transpired at that time to bullying, Mr. Reich urged the students to stand up for others and not tolerate any negative actions. “Don’t wait for others,” he said. “Be the first to act.”
At the end of the presentation, Mr. Reich encouraged the students to speak with their elders about their own family history to get a sense about what it was like for their ancestors to immigrate to the United States.