Alumni Share Advice and Guidance

Ward Melville High School alumni returned to their alma mater this winter to visit with current students and reflect upon their college and career experiences.

The annual Alumni Day program, a tradition at the school, featured students from numerous graduating classes, including the Class of 2015.

The panel of graduates spoke with students in the school’s LGI and individual classrooms to offer insight into postgraduate programs and answer questions. The topics ranged from freshman experiences and college coursework to determining one’s path immediately after high school or college.  

“By coming back for Alumni Day, I hoped to squelch some of the stereotypes or misconceptions the students may have heard about college,” said Cadet Chris Aliperti, who spent two months this past summer in cadet basic training and is a declared mechanical engineering major focused on nuclear energy systems. “Most of all, I wanted them to take away that whatever path they choose after high school, they should be sure to make the most of it.”  

 “I hope what the students took away is that each person has their own unique college experience,” said Adam Kuhn, a 2014 graduate of the University of Maryland and second-year law student at Syracuse University. “The most important thing I shared was that it’s OK in your freshman year to not know what you want to major in or what field you’re interested in. Many schools allow you to declare your major by the end of sophomore year. But once you figure out what you want, work hard to make it happen.”