Safety Patrol Honored

The outgoing spirit and dedication of the Setauket Elementary School Safety Patrol was recently recognized and commended by a local family whose child was positively impacted by the members this year.

In a letter from Tom Palamara, the father of a Setauket student and director of The Rinx ice rink, he praised the students for their ongoing commitment toward creating a safe and welcoming school environment. Mr. Palamara explained how the group helped his son, who entered his first year at Setauket this year, feel comfortable in his new surroundings.

In addition to his letter of commendation, Mr. Palamara gave each Safety Patrol member a pass to skate for free at The Rinx. During the presentation, he noted the students’ “great level of responsibility and compassion” and that “as a local business, these are the type of traits that I look for in future employees.”