Inspiring Young Authors

Sixth-grade students throughout the district had the chance to learn about the world of journalism and the important role that education played in one author’s life when Tim Green visited this October.

The New York Times bestselling author, who is also a lawyer and former professional football player, spoke with the school’s sixth-grade classes in a joint assembly at Ward Melville High School about his start as an author, as well as the passion and determination behind all of his life choices. 

Throughout the assembly, Mr. Green stressed the importance of education as he compared reading to “weightlifting for the brain.” He pointed out that although luck may play a role in one’s success, the true defining characteristics of an accomplished individual are talent and work ethic. He also shared an excerpt from his book “Kid Owner.”

“I’m here today to further your teacher’s mission – to make you a better person, both in your mind and through your character, and encourage you to be successful,” Mr. Green told the students. “Always remember, anything you have in life comes at a price, and that price is work.” 
The program was organized by R.C. Murphy Junior High School Information Specialist Betsy Knox, who noted that Mr. Green’s messages tied in well with the district’s ongoing character education initiatives and longstanding focus on creating lifelong learners.