Musicians Selected for Festivals


In recognition of their talents, many Ward Melville High School student-musicians have been chosen to perform at renowned regional, state and national festivals in the coming months.

As a result of their outstanding scores at the 2015 NYSSMA solo and ensemble evaluation festivals, nearly 50 juniors and seniors were selected for the NYSCAME/SCMEA All-County Music Festival, and 22 were chosen as All-State participants or alternates for this year’s NYSSMA Winter Conference in Rochester, New York. 

Additionally, seniors Matt Hoffman and Rajiv Moturu were chosen to perform with the National Association for Music Education’s All-National Honor Ensembles through a rigorous selection process. Matt will perform as a tenor 1 in the Mixed Choir, and Rajiv as a violinist with the Symphony Orchestra. The ensembles’ final performances will be held at the historic Grand Ole Opry House in Nashville, Tennessee.

NYSCAME/SCMEA All-County Musicians

All-County Band
Reilly Becchina
Cameron Bosch

Caroline Bosch

Peter Jespersen

Thomas Kernan

Shane Kim

Dylan Maggio

Alexander Smith

Kevin Wen
All-County Orchestra
Allison Dana
Kathryn Forcone

Sarah Gutman

Crystal Her
Amy Huang

Ellen Li
Thomas Li
Ariel Leong

Kathryn Leung

Elizabeth Merrifield

Nima Mohammadi

Constance Mulford
Ariella Napoli
Jason Rahner
Matthew Roberts
Emily Winston
All-County Mixed Choir
Caitlyn Albano

Alexandra Bassin
Sage Beasley
Drew Ehrlich
Jacob Haff
Christopher Helenek
Joseph Hines
Matthew Hoffman
Joseph Lombardi
Connor Meehan
Elizabeth Merrifield
Ethan Meyer
Heidi Scarth
Benjamin Shea
Anna Skolnick
John Stimmel
Martin Vaillancourt
Marina Vostrova
Lucas White
All-County Women’s Choir
Meaghan Kruse
Tamryn Rosner
Alexis Salerno
Shawn Tellekamp
Sarah Whelan

2015 NYSSMA Winter Conference
Reilly Becchina – Flute (alternate)
Cameron Bosch – Alto Saxophone (alternate)
Sarah Gutman – Piccolo (alternate) and Flute (alternate)
Jacob Haff – Mixed Chorus
Crystal Her – Violin (alternate)
Ariel Leong – String Orchestra
Kathryn Leung – String Orchestra
Dylan Maggio    – Snare Drum (alternate)
Erin McSweeney – Snare Drum (alternate)
Elizabeth Merrifield – Mixed Chorus and String Orchestra
Nima Mohammadi – String Orchestra
Constance Mulford – Wind Ensemble
Shane Kim – Symphonic Band
Meaghan Kruse – Alto II (alternate)
Jason Rahner – Wind Ensemble
Heidi Scarth – Mixed Chorus and Jazz Alto Voice (alternate)
Benjamin Shea – Mixed Chorus
Alexander Smith – Wind Ensemble
John Stimmel – Bass I (alternate)
Martin Vaillancourt – Vocal Jazz
Kevin Wen – Alto Saxophone (alternate)
Emily Winston – Symphony Orchestra