Academy Graduation

A strong sense of pride and achievement hung in the air as the 18 members of the Three Village Academy Class of 2015 concluded their high school years and participated in the program’s graduation celebration.

During the ceremony, students Eli McClain, Kyra McNiff and Melvin Rosa reflected upon their time at the Academy and how the program aided them throughout their academic journey. Principal Gus Hueber bestowed a few lasting words of advice to the graduates: “As you leave the Academy, continue to be good to yourself. Create the life of your dreams and believe that you are capable of making it happen.”

Each graduate received a Ward Melville High School diploma and was invited to participate in the high school’s graduation ceremony with his or her peers.  

Congratulations to the Academy Class of 2015:
Brooke Benoff
Kyle Berenger
Timothy Chadha
Tyler Citera
Alyssa Concolino
Aaliyah Dixon
Torri Dunn
Serafina Durette
Tabitha Dyrcz
Layla Halabi
Toni Marie Klimecki
Rachel Martin
Eli McClain
Kyra McNiff
Robert Mojica
Melvin Rosa
Logan Ryan
Jasmine Santiago