Teens Train in Lifesaving Techniques

Teens Train in Lifesaving Techniques photo thumbnail164831

In accordance with Three Village’s proactive approach to safety and security, Ward Melville High School students recently took part in a Department of Homeland Security program called Stop the Bleed. District staff members have been trained in this lifesaving program over the past few years, and Ward Melville became the first high school in New York State to train all students this February. 

Through the program, which included curricula adjusted by the district physical education and health staff, students learned and practiced lifesaving techniques and strategies to enhance an individual’s survival if severely injured. 

Members of the security team assisted in the hands-on training portion of the program. This included how to properly apply tourniquets as well as dress and pack a wound. Throughout the workshop, the presenters stressed the importance of acting quickly during an emergency and how to secure a situation until trained medical responders arrive.