Alumni Return to Share Advice

Alumni Return to Share Advice photo thumbnail161632

Ward Melville High School students were given valuable advice from nearly 30 graduates who returned to the school to participate in this year’s Alumni Day program. 
Current Ward Melville juniors and seniors visited the LGI throughout the day to hear from the alumni, who are attending 22 different colleges and universities.  

The discussion covered topics such as the application process, majors, roommate selection and adjustment to college life. 

As Jeffrey Casey, a freshman at Cornell University, said, “Ward Melville is a difficult high school. When you go to college, you will find that jump is a lot less than your classmates at college [had to make]. And that is a good thing!” 

Albert Tian, a freshman at Berkeley, commented, “Ward Melville prepared me really well academically. We offer a ton of really great classes, and I never realized that until I got to college and spoke to other students.” 

Jared Gozinsky, a sophomore at George Washington University, advised, “As a student, you need to think about what you want to be and how you can make it work, because you are going to figure out quickly what’s best for you. Once you do, it will be an amazing four years.”

“Each year we get more and more alumni asking to return, and that is what makes the program run so well,” stated Jennifer Sheppard, guidance counselor and organizer of the program. “I am truly grateful to the students and staff that are so supportive of this day. It is also tremendous to see the wonderful adventures our graduates are embarking upon.”